Assassin's Creed III on October 30, 2012, But What Does It Mean?


"Today, it was announced during an earnings call for Ubisoft that Assassin's Creed III - the next title in the series - is set to release on October 30th of this year.

Disappointingly, that's the only tidbit that we discovered, apart from the fact that it's been in development for three years.

What exactly does it mean, though? What about the new character(s) and location?

OXCGN was the first outlet to propose based upon legitimate grounds that the American Revolution is a possible scenario for the official third title in the series, and we have reason to believe that we were completely dead-on in this assertion."

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Proeliator2442d ago

REALLY good piece! I honestly can't wait.

NewZealander2442d ago

not a fan of the american revolution idea, i trust ubi will have an amazing setting, just not this one...

Eske2442d ago

Same here. I just can't quite buy it, for some reason. I'm still an advocate of revolutionary France, though...I think it just affords so many awesome possibilities.

theWB272442d ago

I just wonder how they are going to justify Desmond getting back into the animus, after it just nearly killed him. Also the fact that all of these games have led up to him finding the correct location in present time new york. How about present time is where it will be located.

Proeliator2441d ago

They said AC3 is around a new character, so there's no telling if we'll ever truly get to play as Desmond.

theWB272441d ago

That's not cool, although I love the old settings, they better have a good reason for him getting back in there