Mr. Cynic's Lamest Games of 2007's Mr. Cynic takes a look at some of the worst games released this past year.

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CeruleanSky3812d ago

Halo 3

Is there anything lamer than a guy covered in shiny green metal?

Sub-HD graphics - only 640p

Crappy last gen looking graphics

Jaggies, jaggies, jaggies

No dedicated servers

Laggy P2P online play

Only 16 players per online match

Worst AI of any fps in all of 2007

1000 dollar 'gift packages' sent to 'game reviewers' to get 9 or 10/10 bogus review scores

Halo 3 was the obvious choice for Lamest Game of 2007.

toughNAME3812d ago

your bubbles were an obvious choice for my negative feedback

MK_Red3812d ago

"Every PC Game" They forgot about The Witcher as well as PC version of multiplatform titles like COD4.

toughNAME3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

lol that's an awesome line
guess which game it was for?

Keowrath3811d ago


"there's only one reason to use a PC for gaming: WORD(?) of Warcraft."

I think this is all that needs to be said about the quality of this article... The dude has not got a Scooby!

SWORDF1SH3811d ago

this article is lame. there are loads of better choices for lamer games.
mobile suit gundam: target in sight
fall auto 2: battle lines
fantastic 4
thats just off the top of my head.

who approved this sh*t. this should be entered in the lamest article of the year award :)

DarkSniper3811d ago

The majority of games that were released on the XBOX 360 have been universally shunned by critics across the globe. As expected, it's excrutiatingly difficult to get the best out of a garbage system that betrays it's user on a daily basis.

Halo 3 has been advertised as the holy grail of gaming. Only to be let down with minute updates to it's predecessor, Halo 2. Mass Effect and Bioshock can no longer be considered XBOX exclusives as both will see superior ports on the PLAYSTATION 3® in order to recoup development costs and maximize profits.


caffman3811d ago

I smell burning.........CHRIST YOUR PANTS ARE ON FIRE DUFF MAN...sorry $NIPER!

3811d ago