Is Microsoft poised for an Xbox 720 reveal at its pre GDC event?

It's natural for Microsoft to deny any rumours about its future wares, but could its pre Game Developers Conference event hold the keys to an Xbox 720 reveal?

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Sanetoshi2442d ago

It's just really hard for me to imagine a console announcement before next year.

zeal0us2442d ago


"It's natural for Microsoft to deny any rumours about its future wares"

Um I think that's about any company in this day and time.

fluffydelusions2442d ago

I think it will be announced this year but released sometime next year (holiday most likely)

Brosy2442d ago

I highly doubt that MS would announce then release a year later. The announcement of a new console could potentionally hurt the sales of the current console. MS announced the 360 and launched it in the same year. So I would expect them to do the same with the next xbox.

Disccordia2442d ago

That was different. Nobody was buying the wii when the WiiU was announced. The 360 is still going strong at the moment.

NatureOfLogic2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

@ Sanetoshi

Well, if they announce it next year, it will most likely not come out until the following year which would be 2014, which imo is too late. It takes time to build up hype and anticipation.

If I don't hear any kind of announcement this year for next gen PS or Xbox, I'll most likely move from this gen to the Wii U. I think most people who are anticipating next gen will end up getting a Wii U if they had to wait as long as 2014 before next PS/XBox. Nintendo would end up sweeping next gen like they did this gen if that happens.

KMCROC542442d ago

screw that i go without gaming for two years before i buy a Wii u.

dark-hollow2442d ago

An announcement /=/ release.
Its seems logical to announce it this year and gets the hype till late 2012/early 2013 release.

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RaidensRising2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I would say it's unlikely but they could talk about their "vision" for next generation gaming.

If Xbox 720 is due for November 2013 then the buzz has to start somewhere.

NYC_Gamer2442d ago

could be behind close doors with nothing leaking out to the public

ronin4life2442d ago

Perhaps "announced" to developers?
I'm becoming more and more uncertain about next gen, announcement and release timing wise. So much conflicting info...

jvanik2442d ago

"Nothing leaking out to the public."

Haha good one.

Wikkid6662442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Here we go again... are we going to have these headlines before every gaming event this year?

GameGuy2442d ago

Not really a big deal for me. If the starting price is over $500 then I won't be buying it when it is released.

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The story is too old to be commented.