Rayman Origins is actually profitable for Ubisoft

Joystiq- Rayman Origins has been profitable for publisher Ubisoft and the company feels the title will be an evergreen success. Although the publisher didn't share sales figures or what the budget was for the title on today's investor call, Rayman Origins' apparent lack of sales success didn't make it a complete financial failure.

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Voxelman2411d ago

well with Vita and PC versions coming of course it is going to keep selling. I hope this is a sign for them to make more games like it.

NukaCola2411d ago

Great. This is by far one of the greatest games this gen and the best platform game of 2011 IMHO. Outstanding gameplay, co-op, sound, and the visuals are the best in its class. Also this is probably the most polished game next to Portal 2 this year. 1080p 60frames flawless as all hell.

Brownghost2411d ago

sonic generations was amazing too

SilentNegotiator2410d ago

"This is by far one of the greatest games this gen"
I'd say one of the best platformers, but game in general.....IDK....

Well, they made a 2D platformer (of so-and-so length) and charged $60 for it. How many copies did they even have to sell to get in the black? 10K?

smash-brother-102411d ago

Genuinely one of my favourite games this gen, happy to see awesome games doing good

Croash2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I do hope its sales will be satisfying enough because this is what will be decisive when it comes to Beyond Good & Evil 2's development. Let's not forget that, even though Michel Ancel has been working on this sequel for years, he still has to get the funds needed to stay true to his vision of the game.

Rayman Origins should have had more success. It is one of the most [insert a lot of positive things here] 2D plat-formers ever created.

rdgneoz32411d ago

I don't think Rayman Origin's sales will decide Beyond Good & Evil 2's development. Completely different styles and games overall. Beyond Good & Evil 2 also had the video that released a while ago that made fans cry out for it due to the graphics and what might be of some of the gameplay. Also, if a 2nd did come out, it'd be full retail versus a network release. Ubi would end up doing a lot more promoting for it than they did for Origins.

LightofDarkness2411d ago

Excellent news, please make more

ShaunCameron2411d ago

It may not have been a million-seller, but it was far from a flop.

TKCMuzzer2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

It's a great game and it's a shame many gamers ignore quality titles and give them a chance instead of adding to Avtivisions money grabbing train.
I for one was glad I bought this and not COD, great visuals, great audio, funny and more importantly, fun. Go on people try it you might just like the world outside of FPS's.

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The story is too old to be commented.