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SF49er4083650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I got it and played ratchet, uncharted, resistance, and heavenly sword. Out of all the games I wouldnt give any of them above an 8 except uncharted. Uncharted would get a 8.3 from me. Its not that great. Graphics are good but gameplay is just boring. Its a gears of war prince of persia rip off. Shooting enemies is a hassle and there is no ammo. Combat is extremely boring and it seems like the only gameplay is entering a room and enemies swarm in and then hearing " where are these guys coming from". sieriously. My brother isnt a huge gamer but he hates all the ps3 games as well. dont want to finish the game.

Resistance is a 7 in my book. Crappy graphics, gameplay, everything. Its a friggin half life 2 clone. same health modules, sounds, aiming. Not that fun. no rumble and the ps3 controller blows my nuts. YOU CAN TELL THEY SPENT ALL THEIR TIME ON THE E3 LEVELS. THEY ARE WAY MORE DETAILED, ALL THE OTHER LEVELS ARE UNFINISHED. dont want to finish the game.

I have a 360 and it is by far the best console out. ps3 is sick because it is a blue ray player and games will be coming out but damn every game ive played has been a sierious let down. Ratchet and clank is ridiculously repetitive. Its a game where you smash boxes and collect purple crystals real fun.... dont want to finish the game.

The only other games ive played are the heavenly sword demo, and the folklore demo. I thought those were the two coolest games the ps3s got. Folklore especially its not great but its a sick idea. Too make it worse i got the 40gig ps3 so no backwards compat. stupid

and yea the ps3 comes with no friggin hdmi or hi def cords. they are always sold out. the ps3 controller is stupid. i can barely hold it. the japanese are idiots. they have tiny little hands and i can barely play games with that stupid controller. they really need to just steal the 360 controller design and add rumble already.

the worst3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

you dont have a ps3
your a bum
still living in your moms house
get a job
P.S stop touching your little sister
she not a ps3
and you dont own a 360

vilmer3650d ago

I stopped reading at "the japanese are idiots". You can't possibly be taken seriously. Stick with halo and xbox live, the rest of the gaming world is better off.

dhammalama3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Also, I fail to see how the Japanese having tiny hands makes them idiots!

If you wanted BC you shouldn't have bought the 40g.

They've added rumble already.

You sound like the idiot.

sheng long3650d ago

must be great living in fantasy land.

mithril3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

look history of this guy and it's a HALO3 only players. probably a Xbox360 with embedded Halo3 in. and without dvd player to change game is the best for him. see images :)

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sonarus3650d ago

Well SF49er resistance looks better than every xbox 360 launch title imo. Uncharted is a great game i liked the limited ammo made me feel like every shot counts made me think a little before taking my shots but i guess if you jst want to shoot with 1000 clips in ur pocket thats cool too. Ratchet and clank is a great game cus its so refreshing from all the shooters that have dominated this yr and i enjoyed it. I think there was enough gameplay variety to overlook the repetitiveness. Heavenly sword was a dissapointment to me and i think the folklore demo was jst ok. The PS3 controller may be akward but i am quite comfortable with it since it has the same ps2 design and i dnt remember ppl complaining about it then. Both controllers have their strengths depending on which games you are playing. PS3 controller is superior when it comes to action games especially fast paced ones as the 360 controller is a lot stiffer. However slow paced games like shooters 360 controller is better. Also racers thats cus of the sensitivity of the triggers. I am currently playing a lot of madden 08, ncaa08, warhawk and unreal tournament and i play uncharted still from time to time. Warhawk in my opinion is the best ps3 game cus it has had the most longetivity for me still hasnt gotten old for me. Still looking to next yr for the heavy hitters. congrats on ur ps3 though am sure you bought it for a reason/game and you'll be happy when your game hits. Mine is GT5 and MGS

dinkeldinkse3650d ago

Again, would you post something relative to the story like if you agree with the games they picked and not trash the Japanese and PS3. Really if you are that mad about the 49ers just stop watching them.

rootEXT3650d ago

LOL!! @ the_worst, nice comeback