Remedy's message to Alan Wake PC pirates: "enjoy the story!"

Eurogamer- Remedy has a message to those who intend to pirate the PC version of Alan Wake: enjoy the story!

Alan Wake launches on Steam tomorrow nearly two years after it launched on Xbox 360. It goes live on other digital platforms, such as Origin, in a couple of weeks. A retail boxed version launches on 2nd March courtesy of Nordic Games.

With Alan Wake hitting the PC both digitally and at retail, and it being a single-player only game, Remedy is bracing itself for a tidal wave of illegal downloads. But it's not too bothered.

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Snookies122290d ago

Well at least they're nice about it. Just because someone does you wrong, doesn't mean you should retaliate. :)

mastahmind2290d ago

maybe where you live lol XD

da_2pacalypse2289d ago

Great game, if there are any PS3 players who have not played it yet, I really recommend you try it out for PC (if your machine is half decent). I strongly suggest you buy it, Remedy is a great developer.

ardivt2289d ago

remedy just should have made a ps3 version

chaos-lockheart2290d ago

I should just steal all your games then, thank you!!!

ninjahunter2290d ago

You should go burn copies of all his movies too.

SilentNegotiator2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

He should take all of Remedy's Spielberg movies and books. They'd be lost, lol.

Oh, gee, Remedy. I'll TRY to enjoy it. But it was my understanding that it could only be enjoyed on big comfy couches* (and we all know you can't play PC games on couches /sarcasm). But if that has changed now that Microsoft gave you the green light, I suppose I'll TRY to enjoy a pirated copy of the scaled down game that we were supposed to be enjoying on the PC a decade ago.


*See Image

EDIT: PC gamers WERE screwed out of the game originally, they DID scale down the game, Microsoft DID claim that Alan Wake wasn't 'right' for the PC (because they supposedly don't interact with couches), and my first sentence/joke was poking fun at their love for Spielberg. You can disagree all you like, but the whole situation is FULL of irony.

jeeves862289d ago

@SilentNegotiator - it wasn't Remedy that came up with that excuse, it was Microsoft. Now that Remedy has the publishing rights for it, it can go forth with the PC version.

SilentNegotiator2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


You are correct, and I didn't mean to make that impression. I even changed part of the sentence to try to make it more clear, but it still might not be completely clear. The link I provided even says that Microsoft said it.

Sorry for any confusion.

GrumpyVeteran2289d ago

If you could make a copy of all my games without me losing anything physical (i.e; the way pirating currently works) then I'd happily let you.

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scrambles2290d ago

studies show if you treat your player base less like sheep and more like people theyll pirate your game less. So therefore treating them nicely and mayhaps understanding why they pirate your game will help decrease the amount of pirating.

stealing from big mean company = "why not?"

stealing from nice company = "... well maybe i wont"

Guilt trips lol also some respect might be there

Sarcasm2290d ago

I think this is pretty fair to be honest. Why support a company that shafts you versus a company that is more open ended and supportive of the consumers.

NeoTribe2290d ago

there's a study for that?

DeadIIIRed2289d ago

That sounds legitimate, but can you cite these studies? I'm curious for the sake of the story and I have a paper due in a month that I could use those studies for.

Zachmo1822289d ago

I don't think the PC gamers were in that study.

I'm pretty sure studies show PC gamers pirate the most games.

scrambles2289d ago

@DeadIIIRed Ill try to find em its been a while and also if Neo Tribe reads this. its basically when they took a look at the piracy rates of games and how the companies tried to prevent it. The trend started to show.

Nitrowolf22289d ago


can't find a story, but at my retail stores and most likey all of them we are not allowed to stop people from stealing, we can only confront them and use lines that aren't fully direct, but they know we know. Most cases they drop place the item or purchase it.

kevnb2289d ago

although talking about piracy in any way is free publicity.

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WitWolfy2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


Or it could be sarcasm for a certain bug to not let them go further then a certain stage?

Snookies122289d ago

Haha didn't think about it that way. "Hey guys, enjoy the story!" They get to a certain part and it keeps crashing on them. That I must admit, would be funny.

WitWolfy2288d ago

Yeah it would be :P .I remember on N4G last year a certain game did this, where a certain boss had God mode so you couldn't beat him on the pirated version. Was quite genius on the developers part hehehe

pixelsword2289d ago


It's called turning the other cheek and I agree with you.

Sony3602289d ago

Thieves deserve pity, nothing more.

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paddystan2290d ago

I have the Limited Collector's Edition for my Xbox, but gonna buy it to PC tommorrow anyway because the game is just so good. :)

fluffydelusions2290d ago

I'll buy it on a Steam sale because I already played the 360 version

BattleTorn2290d ago

Same. I really enjoyed Alan Wake on Xbox360, but I can't bring myself to pay full price again for it on PC.

You also have to consider that there will be Alan Wake: American Nightmare out as well. Which I will be buying.

Mikhail2290d ago

*clap, clap* Nonetheless, screw pirates of good developers.

SAE2289d ago

but pirate games like call of duty is ok :) ..

even though i buy all my games in release day , i agree with the pirates , they are stealing us , they make the game then put it in a 3-5 dollar disc then sell it for 60 or 70 dollar , that's stealinging , that's why i agree with the pirates but i want to play online that's why i don't pirate games , if pirate games have online i wouldn't be buying anything ...

but i like supporting the good developers , only the good ones ..

Sony3602289d ago

Dress it up and justify it all you want. Pirates are still thieves.

gatormatt802289d ago

You're not just buying a blank disc though are you?? You're paying for the content on said disc, which costs much more than 3 or so dollars to make.

Cosmit2289d ago

"i agree with the pirates , they are stealing us , they make the game then put it in a 3-5 dollar disc then sell it for 60 or 70 dollar , that's stealinging"

How is that stealing? You need to factor in all the cost that went in to making the game. As in manhours, advertising, etc. Wether or not 60 or 70 dollars is overpriced is another thing. But selling it for only 3-5 dollars is pretty much little to no profit at all.

SAE2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

then why the games get cheaper to reach even 5 dollars ! it means it doesn't cost them alot , if it really worth the price in release day or even a year later then they shouldn't make it cheaper but that proves that it doesn't cost them alot...

they can have profit if they want , but not taking 5x the price or even more

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Voxelman2290d ago

I will be picking this up

CrimsonEngage2290d ago

PC players can cry and moan about how consoles are holding them back but by pirating games you are only hurting yourselves. This is why we can't have nice things.

Thecraft19892290d ago

360 version was pirated a million times so what is your point ?

dark-hollow2290d ago

Yeah because piracy hadn't harm the PSP in any way /s

dark-hollow2290d ago

PSP with the lowest hardware to software ratio on the recent years says howdy.

fluffydelusions2290d ago

That whole comment assumes ALL PC gamers are pirates...false!

TheGameFoxJTV2289d ago

EXACTLY, my steam account is worth over $1498.15 USD. Yup, all us PC gamers are pirates.

BlackBusterCritic2290d ago

Hey CrimsonEngage, what you fail to realize is that the USED GAME MARKET is worse than piracy on the PC. I really shouldn't have to explain why, so I'm really giving you some credit here thinking that you'll think about it and understand.

vuzuki2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

No it's not.

ECONOMICS 101 : The 60$ value of a game disc contains the value of the game itself PLUS the value of your potential resale. If you take the right to resell away the game is worth less. For some people, that will mean the game is not worth 60$ anymore and result in less new sales. Hence, the end of the used games market could mean much less new sales (at least at those prices), whereas less piracy can only mean more sales.

Both issues are completely unrelated even though publishers would like you to think otherwise.

FriedGoat2289d ago

You're assuming that if people didn't pirate a game they would buy it, you are wrong. Screw remedy anyway, this is half the game it was going to be thanks to them bumming Microsoft.

sllshrm2289d ago


I'll agree to your "class" but you are forgetting that many of the PC games are 60$ too

Without any option to resell

The thing with rentals and piracy is that in case of both, the money doesn't go to the developers/publishers and thats why you see DRMs and Online passes now.

vuzuki2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I'm not assuming anything. If at least one person who pirate would buy then less piracy can only mean more sale (granted, there is also a cases where the pirated copy serve as a demo etc. but let's keep it simple) Which is not the case for used games since it also decreases the value of the new game.

1. games are always less expensive on PC especially on Steam
2. Retails games sell way less on PC than on console
which kinda makes my point

What you don't understand is that where the money goes is not what's important on the long run. The used game market enhances the value of new games. Take it away and, in the end, you take away from developers.

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kevnb2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

piracy, rentals, used game sales.. publishers cant win in this current market really. And these pr statements have nothing to do with devs.

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