Demo Impressions: Mass Effect 3 (This Is My Joystick)

Mass Effect is an interesting franchise. The first was a classic Bioware-style RPG, with a rich backstory and focus on exploration. The second game focused more on combat and fighting and, for many, it did wonders for the franchise.
It makes sense that the third game does the same, considering what it’s all about.

The Mass Effect 3 demo kicks off right at the start of the game, so anyone that hasn’t played through the second game should probably look away now. Those pesky Reapers are on the move and their first holiday destination is planet Earth. Obviously London isn’t even ready for the 2012 Olympics, let alone a reaper invasion, so it’s one of the first cities to fall.

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I have to get to this tonight and do my impressions Let's Play. I'm pumped!!!

CrimsonEngage2493d ago

The amount of BASS that is in this game. I love it! One of the most amazing sounding games i'v ever played.