What The Mass Effect 3 Demo Tells Us About The Game

With the final installment in BioWare’s epic space-opera just weeks away, Dave McConkey gives his thoughts on what the recently-released demo implies about the game's plot, characters, enemies and gameplay.

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TrendyGamers2495d ago

Most importantly, it tells us that it will be awesome!

zeal0us2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

So is the armor&gun system that was mass effect 1 present here or is it like mass effect 2?

I'm just wondering since I can't download the demo due poor internet services.

--Onilink--2495d ago

its like in ME1, there is loot and weapon/armor customization. Also there are more skills on each character, each with multiple paths to choose from.

Though on the demo you dont get to see the weapon/armor customization, one of the latest videos, not sure which one does show that part

Christopher2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

No, it's not like ME1.

First of all, loot is only found in the areas you explore or shops, it is not dropped from any opponents. You will not be amassing a ton of weapons or mods like ME1 and then having to go and sell them afterwards.

Second, you will find a limited number of weapons and not higher quality versions of previous guns. This is just like in ME2, though there are supposedly more weapons. You're not going to get a SMG that shoots 3 rounds at once early on and then an upgraded SMG that does the exact same thing, just more damage, later on.

Third, the mods are different from ME1 as well. In ME1, you had two slots that could be applied to armor, weapons, and tech items. In ME3 you will only have this feature for weapons. Armor is the exact same as it is in ME2 where you customize your look/attributes based on the individual pieces of armor. You can not mod each piece of armor like you can a weapon.

This is an extremely slight improvement over what we had in ME2, but us RPG fanatics will take what we can get.

Solid_Snake372495d ago

Wow sounds like an extreme downgrade from me1

Captain Qwark 92495d ago

it tells us that it is pure awesomeness!!!!!!!

the multiplayer is actually crazy good and i thought it was going to be shit

BattleTorn2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

That the Stats UI is exactly the same layout as ME2.
Just saying.... I was disappointed to see such indentical UI.

None-the-less, awesome game. (kinda goes without saying)

mistajeff2495d ago

haha, it amuses me that the author is reminded of requiem for a dream by keith david, since now clint mansell is doing the score..

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