New Job Listing Hints That 3D Will Likely Play An Important Role With the Xbox 720

With 3D technology on the rise, it is no surprise that we are starting to see 3D effect technology in video games. We've seen it start to surface both on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Even the upcoming Nintendo Wii U is said to handle 3D technologies, though it won't be a major push for Nintendo. While current-gen 3D is a good start, it is likely that 3D won't really become important to gaming until the eight generation of consoles officially start.

So far we know little solid information about the Xbox 720, but a new job listing recently posted certainly suggests that 3D might play a fairly important role.

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richierich2442d ago

Sounds interesting, I have only played 3D games on my PS3 with my 3DTV but I have noticed a lot of cross talk on the games (ghosting on images) is it my TV causing this or the is it my PS3? If it is my console I hope they fix these issues on next gen hardware

Ron_Danger2442d ago

It's probably your tv causing the ghosting. What size is it? I've got a 42" passive 3D tv and I've never had a problem with ghosting with my ps3 games (I've got almost all the 3D games too so I know it's not the games or system).

jukins2442d ago

Hard to say depending on the tv but usually its the ps3. Its capable of very good 3D gaming but it just doesnt have enough power to do it perfectly for games like killzone uncharted etc. But for games like super stardust it has no problem the was the one game I've played that had virtually no crosstalk while still having good 3D effects.

As for this article I guess its good for microsoft to have a little more focus on 3D gaming but Really the Customer base of 3d tv sets isnt that great and hasnt exactly grown since the 3d became somewhat of a big thing recently.

wiggles2442d ago

It's only logical that 3D gaming comes next. Once the TV manufacturers figure out how to deliver glasses-less 3D with a good resolution then the flood gates will open.

Microsoft would be making a bad business decision if it didn't attempt to start making advances in 3D gaming, because that is where the market is currently headed.

Dread2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I hope that they dont focus too much on my opinion 3d is a fad. And even if it is not really a fad, i just dont enjoy 3d that much. So for me this feature is meh.


I am not sure bro, I thought that 3d tvs did not sell that well.

RaidensRising2442d ago

I disagree with the "important focus" but it will be an aspect of the next Xbox that's for sure.

hyabusha2442d ago

I hope It's an Important role. Better 3D please.

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The story is too old to be commented.