MP1st - Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo Impressions

MP1st - "Mass Effect fans have eagerly been awaiting this Valentines Day to spend time with the ones they love the most… that is if they happen to be blue, green or bird-like aliens. Yesterday, BioWare officially released the Mass Effect 3 demo and MP1st is here to give you our thoughts on the co-op multiplayer, Galaxy at War, that comes packed in with it – something brand new for the Mass Effect franchise."

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Swiggins2412d ago

I love the Multiplayer, I think it's actually incredibly well done.

My one complaint is the way in which you unlock shit, it's all down to luck, which is really really frustrating when you want to unlock a certain thing, but you get something completely different.

That said, The Female Vanguard I've been playing with is a fucking powerhouse!

Hufandpuf2412d ago

I liked the multiplayer, but I think they cut too many corners in the graphics department. In one stage with the mountain backdrop, it was painfully obvious that the collection of mountains was just a big bitmap picture, and the movement of the players looked a little too stiff for my taste.

negative2412d ago

Screw multiplayer, I didn't even bother with it yet. Played the single player a few times and it's great.

What an amazing series!!!

LostChild2412d ago

I really like the multiplayer, even though I thought it would be more of a story based co-op gameplay. But the Horde aspect, with various goals to complete, is really fun.

The Store with the random treasure chest, is a good idea, if you look at from an RPG point of view. Bioware could really turn the store into an addicting loot fest, if they have rare weapons, skins, ammo, power and colors, that are game related and not-so game related for players to hunt down and use in MP. I mean a Deadspace armor would be cool. for MP.