The Struggles Of Making Good Superhero Games

Ian Fisher writes: Our first actual glimpse at The Amazing Spider-Man was pretty cool all around, even if people were miffed about how high Andrew Garfield’s hair was or how Dr. Connors aka The Lizard doesn’t wear his lab coat when transformed into his reptilian alter ego, along with the omission of a crocodile like snout. But amidst the frame by frame analysis and the general movie geek talk that was to be had, I got to wondering why we haven’t really seen a resurgence in the quality of superhero video games.

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slapsta722470d ago

spider-man 2 was and still is a blast to play simply because the web swinging mechanics were perfectly done. somehow, treyarch messed it all up with 3 and ever since no spidey game has nailed the most important aspect of a spider-man game; the locomotion.

princejb1342470d ago

web of shadows was pretty good