Sony Makes a Bold Move with Vita First Edition Bundle - Push Square

Taking a look at Sony's interesting idea of releasing the Vita one week early to eager customers in North America. Is it a smart way to create advocates or will it merely muddy the system's important first week sales figures?

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ANIALATOR1362412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

GAME's Facebook page has been full of uneducated people slagging the Vita off. You can tell a mile off they are biased towards the 3DS or Xbox. It's not even bloody out yet and 8/10 of people in the UK already hate it. It's a great system that just needs time to really shine. They will be all flocking to it in the next 2 years I bet, just like the original PSP

BugsBunny2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I'm not surprized people like that are hating on it, most of them that comment probably aren't even gamers. It's the way the gaming industry works now, because of the Wii's success making gaming more mainstream and casual back in 2006...ANYONE can be a "gamer" now even though they probably just play on COD or any other release which is a big blockbuster hit yet ignoring whatever isn't in the spotlight. That's just my opinion anyway, I know people say "You can't make up who is and isn't a gamer", well it's people like that on the Facebook page which proves my point because they're coming off as idiots. How can you call something you havent even played

Because the media is mostly negative of Sony then people feel the need to be, like a sheep following the shepard.

dead_eye2412d ago

Only people who aren't gamers say you can't make up who is or isn't a gamer.

Real gamers know the truth lol

Waddy1012412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I don't think 8/10 people hate it. From talking to my friends and others who are gamers most of them are interested in and will be purchasing a Vita at some point, but maybe not at launch.
If people don't want a Vita then they don't want one and that's fine by me but the annoying thing i've found is that the vocal majority of the people who are complaining about the Vita are the sort of people who wouldn't bat an eyelid and defend it like mad if it was £500 and made by Apple.

joeorc2412d ago

But with an observation i would like to add.

many of them think it cost way too much, an many think its way over priced. the fact that the Price of Nintendo 3DS launch price with it's price drop so close to the PSVita releasing. has done mainly the damage of Mind Share an Perception of the PSVitas Viability in the market due to price. Add in the many people that still think The PSVita has no real place anymore in the market because of smartphones.

Is really saying only Nintendo has a handheld that's Viable in the market outside of the smartphone an tablet market..Its like the self-fulfilling prophecy there was many gamers saying the exact same thing about the PS3.

It was statements like not just that the PS3 had no games it was also stated many time even now in 2012 that ps3's games were not really worth owning,that they are not that great. an reluctantly some only admit that LBP an Uncharted are the only 2 games on the PS3 that are even the slightest worth owning.
Even with it being 3rd place it has been the most software supported 3rd place system that's ever been on the game console market. an people are still saying the PS3 has been a flop. or that Sony was going to close up the entire playstation part of their company in 2007, even in 2008.

the big perception is Sony's market share took such a dive there is no way to come back from such a dive, but yet Sony now is selling 4 game console systems in the market world wide.

taking only one systems sales as their only level of market share Wold Wide really only would apply to one company outside of Nintendo an Sony to determine overall market share in the games console market. that's like you only count one car in your line up of cars you manuf. as your only form of market share vs other companies. Apple does not just count the iPad alone as their only iOS powered smart device for their market share for Smartdevices powered by their iOS. same with Google. an Android, but yet it seems that the game console space bucks the standard trend.

in what a companies overall "Market share is" in a market!

that's just the truth.

this generation has been more about destroying the Mindshare of a company because they cannot destroy the Marketshare even though they increased their Marketshare world wide. in the OVER ALL marketshare their still the young kid on the block.

destroying the Mindshare is a main target for viral marketing.

viral marketing
Business Tips

Get mind share, and market share will follow. This is especially true online, where successful marketing (whether guerilla marketing, viral marketing, or traditional marketing) can build a substantial user base very fast.

Read more: http://www.businessdictiona...

"Measuring the effectiveness
Effective brand advertising isn't always about driving sales. In some cases, it's about reinforcing the message of a trusted brand name. In other cases, it's about gaining mindshare while destroying a competitor. Apple's Mac versus PC campaign was a good example of this"


phantomexe2412d ago

i'm geting a vita the 22 but let me just say nobody and i mean nobody flocked to the psp. It had a handful of good games. The truth is without uncharted i wouldn't be geting a vita. History shows nintendo owns this market but i still hope sony does better this time around.

TBM2412d ago

My wifi model is already paid in full. Played the demo setup in gamestop today and other felt great and the games look beautiful on it. those who are hating are bloody idiots imo.

TacoTaru2412d ago

I wants one, I do. I would have paid to get one early if there was an RPG at launch ORif the bundle had 32G Memory card and it didn't have to be 3G. As it is, the first RPG isn't out till April so I can wait till then unless a really nice bundle shows up before then.

teedogg802412d ago

I picked up my first edition bundle this morning. I haven't been this excited for anything in a long, long time. It's worth every cent.

Bibmiester2412d ago

I agree with you, I'm picking up mine later this evening and I haven't been this excited for a handheld in a long time, I want to say since the DS, because we are actually getting something new and revolutionary in the handheld market imo

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