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Three Things We Want in Zelda Wii U

This article takes a look at the future of the Zelda series on the Wii U and three things that would make the game great. (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii U, Zelda Wii U)

LegendZelda  +   1160d ago
dlc on zelda has so many possibilities
ChickeyCantor  +   1160d ago
It would be nice if they could expand the land with new temples and bosses. New items etc.

Yet I have the feeling Nintendo will never take it on such scale.

I just hope they give F-zero new tracks...WHERE IS F-zERO?!?! !
mike1up  +   1160d ago
Yea... waiting 5+ years for Zelda games wouldn't be so bad if Nintendo offered DLC from time to time.
MariaHelFutura  +   1160d ago
1. HD
2. Standard Controls
3. A release date
swishersweets20031  +   1160d ago
dont even mention zelda dlc. Thats when zelda will become a shell of a game and for a low price of 39.99 extra u can have the rest.
mike1up  +   1160d ago
Awww I really wanted to slam this article. I've been on the Skyward Sword defensive as of late.

Great read! These are definitely 3 things that I not only want, but expect.
WiiUWiime  +   1160d ago
Agree!!! Right, where is F-ZERO!!!
LX-General-Kaos  +   1160d ago
DLC in a zelda game would be damn good. Also i would appreciate if this game took complete advantage of the controller tricks they showed at E3. I hope it all makes it into the final game and more.
mamotte  +   1160d ago
An article and a comment section without anyone saying "I want voices for the caracters". The mayas were right, is the end of the world...

Plus, I dont want voices in a zelda game. First, I prefer to read at my own pace, and second... just look at metroid other M
LegendZelda  +   1160d ago
Im actually divided on voice acting. I do not really care if it is but do not see any real reason not too. Its not too hard to do it right and Im sure nintendo could for the zelda series.

I just wish they would speed up the talking sometime
mamotte  +   1160d ago
I know it's not that hard to get it right, but if you look at the past, there's something zelda have that modern adventure and rpg games has lost: Games these days has a good story, but it goes around 9-10 characters, like uncharted or FF XIII. What old games had, ans zelda itself has, it's the fact the those games doesnt only create a story: they create a world. A litle, small world, where everyone has something to say, even if it's just a small detail. The world of Chrno Trigger was amazing, but the world of Uncharted is inexistent (and yes, I know I'm comparing oranges and apples here, but you get the point)

What I'm saying is: If zelda had voices, we would end playing in a world with only 10 characters, and if you want'em to speed up the talking... imagine waiting for every character to stop talking... I can read it faster, thanks.
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Instigator  +   1159d ago
I want an overworld with the epic scale of MM, WW and TP with lots of secrets and paths that branches off to the kind areas they put in SS.

I want a world that feels as alive as Termina did instead of the static Castle Town of TP.

Finally, I want a bigger challenge. SS was a huge game that took me a good 60 hours to complete, but the only time I died was a deliberate attempt to see what the Game Over screen looks like.
LegendZelda  +   1159d ago
And yet Skyward Sword was being dubbed the hardest zelda yet...what a joke.
Instigator  +   1159d ago
Yeah, Skyward Sword's got nothing on the 2D games in terms of challenge, that's for sure.
Xizor  +   1159d ago
Couldn't have said it better myself.

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