GameSpot: Twisted Metal Review

Carolyn Petit writes:

"Once upon a time, a man named Calypso regularly held a tournament. It was a grisly contest of vehicular carnage in which entire cities were razed as the competitors destroyed everyone and everything around them in their mad quest for victory. But for many years now, the screams have gone silent. It has been over a decade since Calypso's tournament made its last full-fledged appearance on consoles. At long last, Twisted Metal is back, and this latest entry recaptures the large-scale destructive fun of the series' best games. As long as you're open to this particular brand of old-fashioned, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants insanity, you're sure to enjoy the beautiful chaos of Twisted Metal."

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Dante1122131d ago

Game's a blast. Loving every second.

rdgneoz32131d ago

A few minor hiccups with the online connections, but overall, fun as hell.

Kleptic2131d ago

minor hiccups? JERK!

I've connected to one server in hours of trying...when I got in it was great...but the 'network error' thing is everywhere for me...

lorianguy2131d ago

Wish I could say the same :(

Damn Censorship! - I mean I COULD import, but then I couldn't play online with my UK account.. *cries*...

LoaMcLoa2131d ago

Umm, yes you can. I got the game today.

You just need to redeem to online-pass on your US-account ;D then you can play with whichever account you want!

lorianguy2131d ago

Does it work like that?! I swear the online pass only worked on the account it was redeemed for!

Nice one! Thanks! I'll import this tonight then ;)

YodaCracker2130d ago

Good score. About matches the 79 average on Metacritic.

Papertiger2130d ago

Yall trolls REALLY need to get a life. Doesn't the shit ever get old and redundant? ever??

Legionaire20052130d ago

I was expecting an 8.0 from Gamespot, cause they are just tough on games.