Guild Wars 2 MMO Console Bound

Traditionally a preserve of the PC gaming enthusiast it looks like console gamers the world over are in for a treat as NCSoft confirm that a console version of their forthcoming MMO is “in the preparation stage”.

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LX-General-Kaos2470d ago

Exactly. I have always wondered how a proper mmo would run on consoles. Now i guess i get my chance to see.

Larry L2470d ago

FF11, PSU and EverQuest Adventures weren't "proper" MMOs to you? The MMO formula works perfectly well on consoles, because it's pretty much the same exact "porting formula" for lack of the proper term that the Diablo-esque games use when going to consoles. Skills get mapped to face buttons and a shoulder button or 2 is used to modify the face buttons. It's really the same exact formula.

I never understand people who still question whether both of these genres (MMORPGs and Diablo-typeRPGs) can or will work on consoles. They both have been working perfectly on consoles for years.

On topic, I'm shocked NCSoft has taken this long to even announce this. I remeber it was like E3 2008 when NCS announced a 4 game deal with Sony. WHich I guess they decided to give up on, I figured they decided not to work on consoles at all. I've wanted Guild Wars on PS3 since that announcment. Better late than never. Microtransaction tend to go over well with the PS3 community, subscriptions don't, so Guild Wars will be a prefect fit on PS3.

If it's also free to download on top of no're gonna see HUGE numbers of players on consoles. If they charge for the download, I do hope it's not too much. Like $20 tops.

LX-General-Kaos2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

lol arrite calm down there buddy.

Here ill even give you a bubble because you are probably right.

Mystogan2468d ago

silly you, guild wars doesn't do microtransaction.

they do expansion packs

itsactuallyadam2470d ago

THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS, and if they do a good job of the transfer, it could very well be one of the best games on 360

Drekken2470d ago

I wonder if they plan on doing cross platform servers. This is the only way I would buy it for a console.

gtxgamer22470d ago

Um if anything it will be released on the ps3 because of the contracts Sony an ncsoft have with eachother, plus ps3 is open network. Xbox is closed network.

DeadlyFire2470d ago

I am thinking its for PS3 or WiiU. Power might be an issue with putting an MMO like Guild Wars 2 onto a console. While it looks beautiful on the PC what would it look like on a console? WiiU is likely best option for it. If not then its likely for Xbox 3/PS4. I am thinking this is why NCsoft backed away from their 4 game deal with Sony for PS3. Although I could be wrong.

If its coming to a console my money is on WiiU or next gen. Which already has Ghost Recon Online coming to WiiU. Its likely this could be hitting Nintendo's new console as well.

Raxous2470d ago

Totally agree... this could be huge... and as it's "free to play" it's one of the few MMOs that could actually make this work on a console / XBL / PSN etc without loads of confusing monthly charges for users etc...

FlashXIII2470d ago

As a staunch mmo fan and someone who has bought into the guild wars 2 hype.. alls I can say is FUUUUCK!!!! A good well made pc mmo shouldn't be possible to convert to the consoles. Console gamers gunna have but really.. MMOs are supposed to be MASSIVE.. any game with decent graphics these days would struggle on the current generation of consoles when many people are on the screen at any given time.

BattleTorn2470d ago

I guess the same could be said about Diablo3 possible console release.

Spinal2470d ago

No. Just no. Diablo 3 is not an mmo its just a lil dungeon crawler ofc it can work on a console just like torchlight did an dungeon seige. I never played neither of them. I still look forward to Diablo 3 and i even know that the type of game it is can work on consoles.

Spinal2470d ago

Same here, this is really bad news to any MMO fan. For this game to fit on a console it would have to be really stripped down and if it isnt then that means the mmo itself is lacking big time. WoW not matter how old it is still cannot fit onto consoles cause it is a real open world mmo an not all linear instances like swtor which i quit recently.

Im still looking forward to Guild Wars 2 but i hope it doesnt put any effort into a console version or port. It needs to focus on PC. The correct platform of this genre.

Reborn2470d ago

Could be massive.

Good news, indeed.

Spinal2470d ago

Hey, hey. You copyin my avatar pic dude. :D

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