The Used Game Conflict Pt.1 - The Cost of a Great Game

In 2009 Gamestop, one of the world's leading video game retailers estimated their used game revenue at almost two billion dollars, and in the following two years the secondary games market has become an issue that very few gamers can avoid. Publishers and Developers have taken notice of these figures and are trying to find a way to cut into a piece of the pie with the ever more common Online Pass. Whether you stand firmly for or against the online pass, the supply side of video games is on the verge of a major face lift.

There are misconceptions and misinformation on both sides, and those in support of the pass champion the measure as merely being fair to the developers, and those against it feel that the consumer is paying for inflated budgets. In this series we will take a look at the business side of the industry as it relates to distribution and profit sharing. We'll track a game from developer pitch to retail distribution, and ultimately into the consumers hand and w...

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Entropic2414d ago

Definitely an interesting read here; an angle of the used games debate that isn't often covered. Turns out, games are crazy expensive to make, and the industry can be extremely volatile for nearly everyone but the well known giants. Should be interesting to see what comes in the next few months.

MrDead2413d ago

I would rather give my money to the people that create the games

Entropic2413d ago

I couldn't agree more. Especially when you consider that more times than not, you're only saving $5 on a used game anyway. It's worth $5 to me just to give appreciation to the developers... and for that new game smell. Ahhh, the smell.