PS Fanboy Best of 2007: Best Downloadable Content

Games themselves are all well and good, but with the invention of the PlayStation Network, game developers are now able to provide myriad post-release updates and improvements. In the case of most games, this improves longevity and keeps people playing the same game long after they've completed all the content on the disc.

Nominees after the jump.

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INehalemEXI3807d ago

Warhawk and Tekken DR5 online get my votes for best downloadables.

Maddens Raiders3807d ago

No doubt it is and will be - WarHawk. The current king of MP gaming on the PS3. Like good wine, this title just seems to get better & better as time rolls on.

DiLeCtioN3807d ago

yh it is man. cant wait till i get back and update. custom avatars i heard?

Bazookajoe_833807d ago

All the way, but i did like worms for 360...

Baba19063806d ago

warhawk. easy vote. and the addon is great. love it.