GTA IV enters photorealistic levels; new screenshots from custom ENBSeries settings

DSOGaming writes: "It’s a fact that GTA IV looks awesome with iCEnhancer 2.0 but what about the good old ENBSeries mods? Can they match Keilany’s work or not? Well, it seems that they can overcome it. Modder ‘onebuck’ has released some screenshots from his ENBSeries settings and some custom car models. These screenies are almost real and nothing can match them. Reflections, shadows, lighting… everything is top notch. The camera angle really helps to give the impression that these are real photos but still, these shots showcase the big difference between current generation consoles and PCs. Will the next-generation consoles offer this kind of image fidelity? We certainly hope so."

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ardivt2414d ago

I want next gen games to look like this!
also I love to watch this video over and over again. I hope his mod also comes for GTA V

Solid_Snake372414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

to quote some guy from the comments: "real life needs a graphics update" rofl

Who needs ray-tracing when we have this!

vortis2414d ago

Man this looks so nice.

There were a few screenshots that actually had me questioning if it was real or THAT is photorealism.

Knight_Cid2414d ago

now its just generic, boring, with zero originality.

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Dee_912414d ago

looks like gta iv with high poly cars and some colour filters lighting mods etc or ... enhancers ... which is what the mods are called.
Why do people keep trying to pass this off as next gen graphics?If next gen at this point consist of just minor enhancements of current gen graphics then im in no rush for next gen consoles.or should in a rush to pay for it.

john22414d ago

My guess is that next-gen consoles will come with 1080p-only games. Now if this is true, we are talking about a triple jump (keep in mind that most console games are sub-HD already) for current-gen games. If the games run at 60fps, then it will be four-times better that today's console games and that's without even featuring better textures, effects, etc. IMO, this is what we'll get with next-gen consoles.

Dee_912414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Yea all I see when I look at these gtaiv articles are just lighting mods with higher poly cars.Its like a high res car in a low res environment.

@h3llraiser tell me if this is bland 280268125_0dc15fa044.jpg

BitbyDeath2414d ago

Nextgen will improve on a lot more than just this rubbish, don't you worry. Graphics are only important to the PC side because that is what they can do better.

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