STN: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo impressions

We look at Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer demo.

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Dlacy13g2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I gave the MP a go last night but basically did it solo to see just how difficult it was. Getting through wave 1 was not a "given". Enemies aren't tactics guru's but they do dole out some hefty damage. This game mode really does require team play very much similar in vein to Syndicates Co-op play. Lone wolfing will get you dead quickly.

Camb316912470d ago

I actually had a lot of fun with it. There were a few problems connecting to a game but that's expected. The first few games were ok, but after seeing how much fun it is with 4 players and all the upgrades. Good job bioware, very addicting. I don't like how after every one is downed. You have to wait for an enemy to come stomp on your head and the animation for it is terrible. Maybe it won't be like that when the game is done. Head stomping animation = terrible. Haha