The Expendables 2: Ubisoft Making Stallone Movie Game - Rumour

NowGamer: The Expendables 2 could be getting the tie-in game treatment courtesy of Ubisoft.

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fastrez2442d ago

Digital Chuck Norris for the win.

chanmasta2442d ago

Chuck Norris is unbelievably overrated.

skyward2442d ago

This is going to be a terrible TPS isn't it?

2442d ago
dcbronco2442d ago

Complete with that cool ending where half the old a-- cast ends up in the hospital. Oops. Spoilers.

IM_KINECTED2442d ago

The funny part is, young actors never do their own stunts, these guys are showing people how it's done. It takes guts and the movies look 100% better for it.

You get injured sometimes, but at least they are bringing back a great genre of movies. No CGI BS, just straight up action that kicks butt and looks great.

dcbronco2442d ago

Just commenting on the fact the Stallone and Arnold had surgery after the movie. They are damn near 70. Time to act like the young actors.

FinaLXiii2442d ago

Ill get it for the laughs