What We Want From Doom 4 [eGamer]

"Now that the dust of Rage has settled, and whether you enjoyed the game or not, we think it’s time we start to talk about and imagine the next Doom."

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Zephol2408d ago

i want because is the father of the shooters! Why more baby!!

gr33nFIEND2408d ago

Let's hope the father of shooters, probably actually the grand daddy, has some new tricks up his sleeve

Zephol2408d ago

i hope so. Rage sucks. Is a bad game and is a dissapoiting. But Doom 4 not. Curse not baby.

Play2Win2408d ago

RAGE is amazing! I play on PC and never had any problems.
I hope they'll release a Doom 4 in the next 2-3 years. They simply know how to make the feeling of good FPS Gaming.

Vynzent2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Rage was okay, I liked it.

I didn't suck one bit though, people who say that expected way too much out of it. People seem to forget that idSoftware is just another studio, like all studios, they're not gods. Not every game they make will be groundbreaking. Sometimes a game is just about action and fun, and Rage was a good game.

Anyway up to this day id has still made the best FPS gameplay.