Does Twisted Metal Meet Your Heart’s Content?

GamerFitNation: Happy day after Valentine’s Day gamers, as many of you might know, David Jaffe gave gamers the greatest gift of all when he released Twisted Metal yesterday. If you were lucky enough to pick up the title as soon as it launched than you may have gotten a chance to download and play the original Twisted Metal Black for the PS2 that was included in the game.

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plumber152467d ago

Absolutely , not because the graphics , gameplay , multiplayer , its the fun factor that has made this game amazing . Its the same gameplay from way back in the old days and yet it has something that most games try so hard to do , letting the player have FUN with out taking it to serious . Sure they try to have a serious story but it is almost comical . there is something about it for an example having a guy on your tail and you dropping a mine and killing him before he kills you or having a special loaded up and locking on a guy from a mile away and killing him just before he reaches full heath again . Thats my 2cents on twisted metal and why I think it might be the most fun game this year , although starhawk is very fun as well .