How To Get Your PlayStation Vita in Recovery Mode

Similar to the PlayStation 3, the PS Vita has a recovery mode in which you can access whenever the database of the handheld gets corrupted, or it won’t simply boot due to the corrupted files.

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tachy0n2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

remember when the PSP could go on the recovery too, but only trough custom firmware(hacking)?.

LOL looks like sony learned something from the psp hacking community!

man the PSVITA is going to be a huge success for sony!

teedogg802493d ago

You guys keep this in mind if your VITA gets stuck with the blue PS logo. Mine did it a little while ago and putting it in recovery mode got it to come back on.

dantesparda2492d ago

can this still be done on the ps3? and if so, how?