Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3: Aggressive Elite Marketing Makes an Excellent Point

GameBandits: "So in another trademark Activision revenue drive, the Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 publisher has enlisted the help of American actor, comedian, and former Marine Corps Officer Rob Riggle to tell us exactly why we need to buy a subscription for Elite."

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Neko_Mega2471d ago

Elite only tracks cheaters that are dumb to the point to use it, most of them are to smart to do that.

Anyways, Elite is ok but not as great as they made it out to be (Like most things).

Just happy I won't pay for their overprice DLC.

Soldierone2471d ago

Almost Everyone I know that bought it is saying they wish they could cancel their subscription and get some of their money back....Of course those players are the ones that got screwed by buying it on PS3.