MORTAL KOMBAT PSVITA Trailer Analysis: Skull-crunching addiction and Kratos

The game boasts everything the PS3 version originally had, including complete spells and move-sets. Totally new 150 Challenge Tower missions, one-on-one online matches and 60 fps gameplay.

Addition of KRATOS as evident on the Boxart at the end of the Trailer is always an added bonus.

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geniusgamerdoc2126d ago

Totally Euphoric trailer.

Who doesn’t want to tear a fighter apart with the mere swipe of fingers, thanks to the rear touch pad. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Fatalities which could definitely utilize the intuitive controls only on the PSVITA.

Majin-vegeta2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

Picking this up when it gets released.

friderino2126d ago

It is a game that I am without doubt the wait

iNcRiMiNaTi2126d ago

Finally games I'm more interested in are finally turning up

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