5 Video Games Character You Would Have Rather Spent Valentine's Day with

Have a miserable Valentine's Day? Here's something that will cheer you up - a list of video game characters who make for perfect company.

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nightcrawler2468d ago

My valentine is Yuna :) after 10 years Iam still inlove whit her :)

Fylus2468d ago

As creepy as it is, I'd go with Midna from Twilight Princess. Don't get me wrong, I have a Girlfriend... But anyone who ever played Twilight Princess, admit you fell for Midna at least for a single moment at some point. :P

Jasmino9242458d ago

I think you'd be mad not to have fallen for her!

GameGuy2468d ago

My valentine is Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. I don't really know her but you could say it was love at first sight.

Jasmino9242458d ago

Hahaha, well you'll have to fight off that mechanical bird creature in Bioshock Infinite to woo her!

r212468d ago

that pic reminds me of that Uncharted 3 video where Drake and Sully are in a bromance thing, hahaha XD

Jasmino9242458d ago

That's why I chose it :)
Obivously all of Uncharted 3 is brilliant but the scripting of that scene with Elena at the airport is *spot on*!

r212458d ago

hahaha, twas a nice article and thanks for the read. btw, long time reply XD