8.5 Monster Hunter Tri G review

Tri G has everything that makes Monster Hunter great, but in the absence of online play it’s probably better to wait until a bit later in the year for the Western release.

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Myst2495d ago

absence of online play? "There’s one big omission. Tri G lops off online multiplayer and simultaneously a big part of Monster Hunter’s appeal" Eeh that is kind of a killer for me. Love monster hunter with a passion and the people you can get to go on quests with you. Though no online kind of stuns me...I may get it unless the PSP or PSV version comes out later.

fatalis952495d ago

yeah no online kinda killed this for me they need something like adhoc party before its release here still want it just to fight the new fatalis type monster

Myst2494d ago

Yeah I don't think a lot of people around my area would play Monster hunter but hopefully I would be wrong. I just wish that for those that don't then they would have something akin to Adhoc which was fun lol.

fatalis952494d ago

i used to have local people that played MH that was awesome always adhoc now though. also i hate how every single person is using slime weapons in this game. hope its harder than mhp3rd aswell

Sobari2495d ago

It would be wise to wait for Monster Hunter 4.