Arc System Works [Interview] - The future of the fighting game (IncGamers)

IncGamers: Is increased accessibility the key?

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Kyosuke_Sanada2433d ago

A great read. I can only imagine how hard it is to balance a fighting game when it comes to accessibility and depth. The transformation of King Of Fighters XII to XIII is a great example of what happens if you dwell too much on one side.

Then there was the last lines where Daisuke says Guilty Gear will be making an appearance at some point. I know it was eventual but it still made my heart pound hearing it again. I'd go bankrupt if he announced Guilty Gear x Blazblue in the horizon. Just imagining the great battles and my goodness, the original soundtrack!!!!!


Whitefox7892433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I remember someone interviewing Toshimichi Mori (Blazblue designer and voice of A.B.A's weapon Pascella) during the development of Calamity Trigger suggesting about BB vs. GG his main comment at the time was their would be a big issue with balancing meaning its a lot easier to balance on BB due to its smaller roster then GG he didn't shoot it down just suggested don't expect it anytime soon.

Yes it was recently that Daisuke was able to get back the GG license from Sammy Studios who would publish it on their Arcades i.e. the Sega Naomei.

Considering their done with Extend they are probably focusing their attention to the Persona fighter for Atlus which comes out in ARC this spring in JPN and for consoles in JPN in the summer. Localization may be more or less Atlus's call.