Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "In a crowded, yet niche, market of racing peripherals that are usually of a high value, Mad Catz are yet again bringing the thunder with their own take on matters. The Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel is not a cheap item, but it’s pretty much the top-spec one that they make. How does it fare when put through its paces though, is it worth the price tag?"

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Antholex2434d ago

Will the use of a steering wheel like this improve my skills in racing games? Currently they are pitiful.

gigreen2434d ago

Depends on the game. If it's a simulation, it should definitely improve your lap times after getting used to it.

gcolley2433d ago

it may not improve your performance but it will improve your experience. is that not why we play games? it brings a level of immersion no controller can come close to. the feeling of powering out of a corner on the edge of losing it just cannot be replicated on anything lacking force feedback (including cheap wheels). I have a crappy MS FF wheel and it is still that much better that I have never played forza with a controller since... i just can't.

but as gigreen says: only in sims really, arcade is a bit hit and miss but that is too be expected. for me Forza = wheel, Driver = controller

GodisaGeek2434d ago

Probably not. However, we hope people pay special attention to the video in the review, it really shows the 1:1 replication of on-screen/off-screen movements.

JebusF2434d ago

I could never get on with racing wheels, sadly :-(