Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave Gets 31/40 From Famitsu "Famitsu Magazine scores for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave are in. The game received scores of 8/7/8/8, bringing it to a total of 31/40. Also included are the reviewers comments about the game."

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Redempteur2493d ago

Gonna get and enjoy this game

( as soon as i'm finished with the new suikoden )

Inception2493d ago

You can try the demo from Twin Brave official site

Inception2493d ago

So do i. Hope they localize this.
btw, who's disagree with you and me?
N4G is a weird site huh?

Redempteur2493d ago

yes it's weird ..
but random disagree doesn't mean shit ( if you don't have the courage to discuss , then you're lower than a cockroach to me )

Inception2493d ago

Already download the demo and i kind of like it.