Kid Ignores Call of Duty Troll, S.W.A.T is Called

GR - "So this kid is playing Call of Duty, and then the S.W.A.T show up thinking there’s really a gunman in his house. No, this isn’t some kind of ad campaign showcasing how ‘realistic’ the game is - this is something that actually happened."

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omi25p2494d ago

The guy who pulled this prank is a moron, I hope he gets a hefty fine and community service.

FlashXIII2494d ago

Community service? Clearly it's the work of some prankster teenager, show him the inside of a prison for a week and let him mingle with some of his fellow criminals, he'll be shitting one like the probably scrawny little dweeb he is and will think twice next time he wastes police resources and costs the public money.

deep_fried_bum_cake2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Is this the sort of idiots that inhabit this world? Who does this crap? Hopefully they find the kid and teach him a lesson (charge him with wasting time or smack him around a little).

Ares84HU2494d ago

This is how your tax dollars are wasted. By a stupid idiot who thinks of himself to be a hacker.

Outsider-G2494d ago

Dumb prank. Hopefully, the person gets caught.

Ramas2494d ago

first of all kids should not be allowed to play call of duty

Majin-vegeta2494d ago

Why not it's a freaking daycare already-_-.


GraveLord2494d ago

They can play whatever they want.(with their parents permission of course)

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