Lens of Truth Head2Head: Mass Effect 3 Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we put the demo of the most anticipated game of 2012 thus far under the Lens – BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now, we know as good as anyone BioWare is a developer who often makes noticeable changes from demo builds to final builds, but, a demo comparison of ME3 was just too interesting to pass by."

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Joe Bomb2413d ago

360 looks a little bit better IMO. Better shadows and skin tones look slightly more real. Overall the game looks really good on both consoles.

coolbeans2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

"Overall the game looks really good on both consoles."

And that's all that really matters. I wish the Head2Head comparisons lead to more talks about the developer's knowledge/talent between making both versions look so similar instead of the usual 'which one's the better multiplat' (as if the difference will wildly change your experience /s).

I'm not sure if that's just me though.

MaxXAttaxX2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

It's gamma and contrast. After 6 years people don't realize that 360 post-processes the image. You won't notice this when playing on your TV, except for the fact that it'll be darker on the 360 version.

360 version has crushed shadows and dark brown hair(i.e) look black and flatter. So you lose some detail.
[Don't take my word for it. Look at the images with hair and shadows and lie to me that there's no loss of detail]

Aside from that, there isn't much of a difference.

BUT I might have to go with the PS3 version though, because my TV(as most TVs) will add some more contrast of its own. I'd rather not loose detail in dark tones and areas.

JokesOnYou2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

yeah the head to head screenshot comparisons have become almost useless for everybody except pixel counters...360 version looks a bit better to me but the bottom lines is they both look great and you won't notice the small graphical difference sitting at home actually know "playing" the game, now if we see vids showing some noticeable performance differences then we have something to talk about.

jthamind2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

if i had the money, i'd buy out the Lens of Truth site and shut it down. such a worthless piece of crap of a site. if you want the best graphics, you get it on the PC. if you only have a 360 or PS3, then there's no choice, you get it for the system you have. if you have both, then buy it based on controller preference, content, achievements/trophies, people on friends list, etc.

these garbage comparisons showing minor differences are just nonsense for fanboys. unless there are major graphical differences in the two versions, then you can't even tell while you're actually playing the game. and if the differences are that drastic, then you don't need LoT to show you.

JokesOnYou2412d ago

lol, jthamind basicly thats what I said, yet our agress/diasgrees right now are opposite as if we had two totally different point of views, not that I care, its just a funny example why I fin the agree/disagree system on n4g is meaningless.

jthamind2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )


it's because you said the 360 version looks better IYO. you're not allowed to say the 360 does anything better than the PS3 on n4g.

JokesOnYou2412d ago


ooops, I forgot about that but I did mean better like the differences between two supermodels, both are hot but one has chipped toenail paint on her pinky toe, first off why the hell are you looking at her toes, second who the hell cares....if you're lucky enough to take either one home the important thing is that you get to "play" with her.

Gaming1012412d ago

I don't trust Lens of Truth one tiny bit, I just got finished playing the PS3 version and it didn't look even close to those washed out screen shots Lens of Truth drew up, what complete garbage that site is, it looks like they turned the brightness wayyyy up on the PS3 version on purposed to make it look washed out, what dishonest internet trolling 360 fanboys.

Bigpappy2412d ago

Obviously some overplay the results and other downplay the results.
LOF is not evil and bias for posting these results. There are obviously the most successful and reliable site for showing the comparisons between hot games 360 and PS3. Some results favor the 360 and some favor the 360.
The 360 version looks better overall, but as some pointed out: that is not saying that the PS3 version is bad. Infact they are actually very close. I doubt any one will notice the difference while playing the game.

Sony3602412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

The best part is the just leave out the PC version.

Maybe it's a waste of time if they include that though, seeing as the consoles just compete for second place.

Anyway, the 360 version has sharper looking shadows and better contrast, but that's about it.

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Solid_Snake372412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Man, LoT really gotta learn how to turn on the RGB Full Range HDMI thing on their ps3s

jaosobno2412d ago

Full range RGB applies to monitors since in most cases they are the only ones that can display Full RGB (0-255). On most TVs it simply crushes black color if turned on.

ZippyZapper2412d ago

That's an old excuse. RGB could be turned on or off they would still use the excuse.

MaxXAttaxX2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

On most TVs, using Full RGB that don't support it will crush shadows.

It will make it look similar to what the 360 version already looks like. Crushed.

Which is why I might go with the PS3 version since there's less loss of detail in dark areas, hair and tones (as you can tell with the comparison pics).
All TVs will add more contrast of their own as it is.

Holeran2412d ago


Most new televisions can display full rgb most old televisions can't.

Foliage2412d ago

360 fans think crushed detail, and blown out contrast make a game look better. Everyone else in the world prefers detail and proper contrast.

Sony3602412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

"Crushed detail".

Is the latest buzz phrase you're gonna start throwing around to make yourselves feel better about the Ps3 again? Do you even know what you're talking about?

They look basically the same, but it looks slightly sharper on the 360.

"but they're just darker"

No. No that's not just it. Sorry.

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Sarcasm2412d ago

I'm disappointed in the PC version tbh. The low res textures on the character models is pretty substantial. Oh well, still getting it for locked 60fps.

mistajeff2412d ago

i seriously hope the PC demo isn't from the final build, mass effect 2 on PC looked noticeably better than the me3 demo.

arnyftw2412d ago

Yeah, it looked similar to the xbox version. It was a higher res but it looked pretty much the same as the 360 version. I was expected more detail

Muffins12232412d ago

Ha lol look at the 2nd comment on the lens of truth comment section!

moschops902412d ago

did you actually see his profile pic?? he is so not good at trolling..

MsclMexican2412d ago

I F*cking hate LensofTruth.... I mean it is a breading ground of fanboys...

seriously look at these comments

The SUPERIOR Xbox 360 is winner again. Better shadows, and sharper textures, again. Business as usual for the SUPERIOR Xbox 360. The over priced internet ready blu ray player can’t just can’t keep up. It’s just a fact. I wonder how much of a M A N D A T O R Y install will be required for this one LOL ? About 4 gig I’m guessing.
Oh well here’s yet ANOTHER win for the SUPERIOR Xbox 360.

“Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made.” –John Carmack

I honestly feel like some of my brain cells died reading that... the fact that fanboyism to a console exists just saddens me.

waltyftm2412d ago

Agreed, sounds like a 9 year old.

Kaizin5142412d ago

It's because he copy and pastes the same crap in every article, even ones where the PS3 "wins" in every aspect. He is pure trash and one of the worst fanboys I have ever seen. And yes, that is primarily why I avoid Lens of Truth, while their original idea is nice, the site is a breeding ground of trash and scum.

Boody-Bandit2412d ago

"Lens of Truth, while their original idea is nice, the site is a breeding ground of trash and scum."

Yeah I agree. Here at N4G we have none of this type of behavior. /s

ZippyZapper2412d ago

Sure you don't hate LoT becasue it shows a 360 win again?

WetN00dle692412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

LMFAO!!! Unfortunately one is bread every few seconds. Fanboys be it MS or Sony will never die. And yes they are equally stupid and blind. Anyways both versions look great. All that matters is where you have more friends to play the multiplayer portion, me personally is on LIVE so 360 version it is. What i do find quite funny yet annoying are the Uncharted matter what the topic they always seem to pull uncharted out of their arse! Its getting quite tiresome more so than the PC elites coming into every topic and bashing the console version of that specific title.

MsclMexican2412d ago


No I honestly do not give a rats ass if a game "looks better" on one console.

All I care for is that in quality I get the same experience, and if that experience is equally strong on all consoles.

Thats what I care about... I am getting ME3 on my PS3 and I only look and see if it performs well, because I know it is a good game.

The reason I was pissed of at Skyrim and Bethesda for a long time is because the games were far from equal. The 360 got a goty contendor... we got a pile of sh*t.

I broaden my horizons in gaming, people who are regressive in gaming because of an idiotic brand loyalty makes me shake my head in dissapointment

Sony3602412d ago

You're quite easily trolled, along with the people agreeing with you.

He's doing it on purpose.

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Aquanox2412d ago

This is shaping to be one of the very best games of the whole generation and it looks better on Xbox 360 (consoles) I bet this will be reflected on sales.

stonecold32412d ago

nope that belongs to final fanatsy vs 13 when it comes out on the ps3

vuzuki2412d ago

It will sell better on 360 because most of the fanbase is already on 360. What a silly "bet".

Vinster2412d ago

Actually,I cant tell which is better or worse. This time Lens of Truth is using really bad video settings. There's obviously black crush in the Xbox 360 pics and the brightness is too high on PS3 pics.
I say disregard Lens of Truth and just pick up the game and enjoy it on either system, Bioware is going to make it look good on both systems.

Foliage2412d ago

They are fairly equal, except for the 360 version having overly blown up contrast. Too much visual information is lost in the horrible contrast range.

Nothing to see here, both games look fairly even. As a comment mentioned above, these images are misleading; since most televisions have deeper contrast ranges. The PS3 looks better on a screen, while the 360 gets even more dark. If you have to give an edge, and can't settle for both just being fairly even. PS3 takes this one, now get some sleep.

OmegaSlayer2412d ago

I must say that once again what I saw on my TV looks way better than the pics I saw on LoT.
I didn't saw any kind of washed black.
Often those comparisons makes me think that I'm the Overlord Genious of Lighting and Gamma adjustment, but I'm just a normal guy with a common old gen 720p 23" Samsung :p

andibandit2412d ago

The images are so close you might as well ask me to call a coin toss.

I will however problably go for the 360 version since i will be playing coop and most of my friends are there, and i find less hassle setting up multiplayer on the 360.

SephirothX212412d ago

PS3 images seem to bright. I don't know whether that's lens of truth's fault or the PS3's. Besides brightness, I can't see much difference but 360 looks slightly sharper. What version will have the faster load times and fps though? My pc version :).

Consoldtobots2412d ago

the last two pics clearly show the superior lighting engine performance on the PS3.

zeddy2412d ago

pretty even apart from one picture the one with shepards face which has a lot more detail. how will it run though.

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NYC_Gamer2413d ago

the 360 version of the demo comes out on top

cervantes992413d ago

I have both demos and PS3 looks better in every regard. 360 has a smoother framerate though - especially in the real-time cutscenes.

PS3 has better anti-aliasing and color balance. Framerate better on 360 though (PS3 is smooth too just not as much on the cutscenes)

JaredH2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

You really downloaded the demo, played it on both consoles and somehow noticed a difference?

Did you play them side by side, at the same time and on two different tvs or something?

cervantes992412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Yes I did - not side by side but one right after the other and I would switch back and forth on the inputs on my Receiver to compare same areas of the game.

The differences are subtle by I want the best version to play - I always do this for third party titles.

PS3 looked best on my setup (ISF calibrated 55" TV) but 360 version was a bit smoother in the framerate - although PS3 was smooth too just not quite as smooth as 360.

I'm still undecided which version to get - which indicates the two are extremely similar. I'm a perfectionist and I want the best.

I also have completed ME1 & 2 on Insanity difficulty on both systems so I have saves for each to carry forward.

Edit: Sorry, no ME1 save on PS3 - just ME2 save to carry forward.

Genghis2412d ago

uh, get the one with the better frame rate.

KwietStorm2412d ago

And what was your purpose for this apparent experiment?

cervantes992412d ago

I want to see if one version was better than the other so I know which one to buy.

TronEOL2413d ago

Just so everyone knows, the darker the image, the less problems you'll see in regards to textures and colour. So yes, the Xbox360 version does look better. But the PS3 version will look identical if you mess with the Brightness settings.

I'd call it a tie.

There isn't that much of a jump to say any which one is better looking.

Solid_Snake372412d ago

specifically, turn on the RGB Full Range.

monfa2413d ago

I personaly prefer some ambient light in shadows , dark shadows are just dark.
The xbox version looks a more vibrant but I have a very special tv where I can adjust the image settings.