Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Tekken has been represented in handheld form in the past. Tekken: Dark Resurrection earned high praise and acquitted itself with distinction when it arrived on the PSP way back in the mists of time. Even lowly old Tekken Advance (bless it) was a decent effort on Nintendo’s curiously backlit-free Gameboy sequel. Namco have been active in the fighting game market recently – flexing their muscles with a dazzling new Soul Calibur, but also underwhelming the masses with their oddly thrown together Tekken Hybrid package, which we reviewed not so long ago.

There has yet to be a truly bad big-hitting fighting game for the 3DS though, for my money it is now three-and-0, to coin some American sports-speak. I am of course including Blazblue in all of this, despite our less than perfect-scoring review, it was a ruddy good effort that got pwnd by its merked controls. Namco have decided that now is the time to bring their King of Iron Fist Tournament to bleary eyed patrons of Nintendo’s 3D wonder. Is it good enough to sit shoulder to shoulder with the format’s existing trio of punch-itude, or should it be forever consigned to the bin marked “Death By Degrees”?"

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