PS2 classics finally arrive on European PSN - God Hand, Maximo and more

PS2 classics will begin arriving on the European PlayStation Store today, having launched in the US last October.

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sinncross2223d ago

Awesome. God Hand was pretty much impossible to find in South Africa: this EU store update will give me and some other local gamers the chance to play it!

FriedGoat2223d ago

Wow that's the ps2 classics down, let's hope we don't have to wait 6 months for digital vita games aswell. Eu PSN is so crap.

Cajun Chicken2223d ago

Whoa. Will be mega tempted for Gungrave Overdose...but my 60GB HDD will hurt!

rdgneoz32223d ago

Luckily you can easily replace your HDD and find some upgrades that aren't too pricey. I had to after my 60GB wasn't able to handle it any more.

Cajun Chicken2223d ago

Yeah, I've been gambling about my gameshares, I'll lose some of them if I change HDD, only problem really.

StifflerK2223d ago

Cool , I can't wait to play God Hand again!

FinaLXiii2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

looking at your avatar remembers me i want to play Yakuza 1 n 2 as well lol

FinaLXiii2223d ago

Finaly! Someone better put all the Xenosaga and The Hack games because i never had the chance to play those.

ANIALATOR1362223d ago

Get Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector in there. A very underrated PS2 Classic.