Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 15th February 2012

Greetings humble gamers. I come forth with a new update of the PlayStation Store.
After a bit of a wait we now have Worms Ultimate Mayhem ready and waiting to claim your precious hard drive space. Grand Theft Auto IV arrives to the PS Store as a vanilla flavour or as a bundle option complete with DLC, and House of the Dead III also shows its beautifully scary side for you to unload your rounds on.

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BugsBunny2471d ago

Wow I can't believe people in the comments actually think it's a good update, all the PS2 classics are rubbish...wheres the actual classics, Chonicles of Narina is NOT a classic.

Jeez and the PS1 classics are still crap...wheres Spryo, Crash Bash, RE 2/3.