The Inferno Rift - Gravity Rush Gameplay Video

Kat gets sucked into a fire-filled plane of existence. See how her gravity powers help her out in this predicament.

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smashcrashbash2492d ago

Gravity surfing and flying through a blazing, volcanic inferno? I think I am in love...... with the game of course not Kat.

Dante1122492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

That...was epic. Game looks so unique.

forevercloud30002492d ago

This looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! I had my eye on this game from the second it was announced. I have a good eye for games even when they are not hyped. I will be getting a Vita as soon as I move into my new place. First game will be SuperStardust Delta,Uncharted(after price drop), ModNation and then Gravity Rush(Day one of its Release)!! This video has me so pumped for it.

r212492d ago

never doubted this game since it premiere :D