Sony scraps its comic book service

Sony announces that it will close its doors for comic book users this year on PSP.

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2465d ago
triverse2464d ago

I just discovered the comic book part of my PSP just last year (yes, I am a late comer to the on-line stuff). The previews and such were pretty cool but I was never inclined to purchase anything (for the most part, the digitals were just as pricey as the physical copies that don't require a charge to read).

Blaine2464d ago

I was interested, but never had access to the comic books to begin with. What the hell!

Neko_Mega2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

It was ok, wasn't as good as having the real thing but it was ok.

Just hope this doesn't mean I will lose the ones I got from it.