DoGaming - Grand Slam Tennis 2 Review (PS3)

Many other development companies have tried to enter the smaller sports market and many have had major fails. Thankfully, EA Sports can step up and quite confidently serve its balls across the court uncontested.

The first game in the Grand Slam Tennis series was a Wii exclusive and it was a fun take on tennis for the masses that was designed to cause some friendly competition amongst family and friends. Grand Slam Tennis 2 is also designed to cause some competition, perhaps not friendly but this is a serious take on tennis.

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iistuii2493d ago

Another poor review. Giving a tennis game 8/10 when you can win all the grand slams in the 1st year with your player ranked 70.The ball NEVER goes out from your player & very rarely from the AI opponent. FFS, it's like playing a football game that you never have throw ins or corners....joke.