Ghost Recon Future Soldier was "too sci-fi" at E3 2010, didn't feel "elite"

OXM UK: Reveal demo made Ghosts look like "standard grunts", says lead designer.

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ardivt2438d ago

let's just hope that the level of th e3 demo is still in there.

deep_fried_bum_cake2438d ago

Yeah the demo looked fun, I don't think they will have removed it. I just think that they regret using it as a demo as there are other things they could've shown.

dirigiblebill2438d ago

Yeah, it seems to have all the same features. They've just been rearranged or re-weighted.

morganfell2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

This is why the real Special Forces guy they had advising them quit at the beginning of GRAW2. He had stated this:

"Hand-in-hand with this idea is the interconnectivity between the warrior on the field and various combat support platforms such as aircraft and friendly ground units," added Brittenham. "Despite the importance of the technology, at the heart is still the warrior; enormously skilled, highly trained, and unwilling to lose. It is the soldier that drives the technology rather than the other way around."


This used to be at some time ago. They had told him they were going hard core realistic when they had no intention to do so. That ended the relationship. You can read what is posted below his remarks in the thread as regards he and others not supporting RSE. As he says, there is nothing wrong with arcade titles but they detest people promoting it as real when its not.

torchic2437d ago

writer of article might want to edit his article because Future Soldier moved it's release date to May.