Top 10 PC Games of 90s

Gamerzpedia: Checkout some of the PC blockbusters of the last decade of the 20th century.

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LightofDarkness2471d ago

Well, Daggerfall, Dark Forces and GTA don't really factor in to this list. Where's Starcraft? Unreal Tournament? Tribes? Duke Nukem 3D? System Shock 2? Baldur's Gate?

JsonHenry2471d ago

Daggerfall belongs on the list, IMO. It was truly a breakthrough at the time. The largest game world ever? Probably.

StarCraft, Command and Conquer, and Baldur's Gate would have been on my list as well.

Psychotica2471d ago

Age of Empires would of been on my list,I played that more than anything else.