Mass Effect 3 Demo Is A Great Experience - Playstation Edge

On February 14th, EA and BioWare released the Mass Effect 3 demo. It’s been my experience that most demos lock out the bulk of the options (such as combat difficulty or various modes), but Mass Effect 3 is surprisingly open for a demo.

I did play the 360 and PS3 versions and saw very little difference between the 2. However I do not have the Kinect and so I can not comment on that aspect of the demo.

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LAWSON722494d ago

I think the multiplayer is just amazing I think it is the best survival mode yet

GribbleGrunger2494d ago

what's going on with the cut-scene frame-rates though? they're terrible

Baka-akaB2494d ago

nothing that worrying imo . The ps3 demo build of me2 had issue that werent there overall when the game got released

--Onilink--2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

the issue has never presented itself on ME1 and 2, so im guessing its just on the demo, these kind of demos are usually earlier builds so its likely there could be some problems that wont be on the final version

oh and it actually hasnt happened to me, but i've seen the issue pop up in the comments

iMpuTeD2494d ago

i haven't had any problems with any frame rates but ya the demo is really good i enjoyed the first part more than the second though.