Mass Effect 3 Demo maxed out on PC

A website played the Mass Effect 3 Demo on the PC and made screenshots with maxed out graphics using downsampling techniques so that the actual image is 2.520 x 1.576 pixel.

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specialguest2413d ago

By PC standards, it's not impressive. An HD texture mod would help a lot.

PeZuS2413d ago

Looks like a straight up console port

kevnb2413d ago

I hate that term so much. The PC version just doesn't look that much better, just much better performance. Doesn't mean it's a port...

PeZuS2412d ago

Not solely based on looks but also lack of graphics and control input customization.

tigertron2413d ago

We should wait until the final retail because I believe the demo is from E3 2011.

h311rais3r2413d ago

The textures are not even sub pc standard. Some of skyrims textures are even better...

SneeringImperialist2413d ago

Too bad vertical sync is forced on, everyone would get like 200fps out of this console port lol, awesome pics though!

PeZuS2413d ago

I got a lot of tearing during the cutscenes. You sure Vsync is on?

dirthurts2413d ago

It was sync'd on mine. That or maybe I just didn't get any tearing...
Tripple buffering may help you out.

PeZuS2413d ago

Tried forcing it on in Nvidia control panel, but didn't work. I'll try again soon

SneeringImperialist2413d ago

Yeah man, my FPS doesn't go any higher than 60 as my refresh rate is 60hz :)

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The story is too old to be commented.