Sony's Uncharted 4 hint actually related to Uncharted 3

TVGB: "Turns out that by "the next Uncharted game" they actually mean 'help design a character for an existing game'; the contest's winner will in fact merely assist Naughty Dog in the creation of a new multiplayer character for Uncharted 3, unique taunt and all. So, things are not as exciting as first thought, after all."

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Solid_Snake372412d ago

Okay if that's true they should bring cole again from infamous, or sweet tooth

Solid_Snake372412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

hey guys i made a new topic on the official uncharted 3 multiplayer forum about the adding Sweet Tooth to Uncharted 3! Help me if you think it's a great idea. Lets make some noise:

lorianguy2413d ago

I knew the article title yesterday was a bit.. fishy..

StevenVlzqz32412d ago

On Qore they said the winner will help develop the next multiplayer character AND will help in the next Uncharted game... How does that still mean uc3...

SpaceFox2412d ago

Oh thank goodness, it's way too soon for Uncharted 4. As much as I love the series it needs a break.