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Kingdom Come2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

So the game takes place AFTER "Resident Evil 5"? Well, for me, thats a good thing, it'll be interesting to see how the story unfolds what with it featuring so many key characters, this has HUGE potential, it's good to have Chris and Leon back...

With Resident Evil 6 taking place four years after Resident Evil 5, I'm intrigued about the identity of Chris Redfield's trauma of which he has suffered six months prior to the events of 6. The easy guess would be Sheva dying, but with it being a personal matter, would Sheva warrant the title of a "personal trauma" considering the short time they spent together? Color me intrigued.

mathsman2443d ago

Claire dying? Has that been covered yet? Could be interesting turn...

R_A_LEE202443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

When they mentioned that players can finally move and shoot at the same time isn't exactly new as not many people know that you can actually run and shoot in Resi Evil Revelations with the Circle Pad Pro attachment on, that got released last month.

Kingdom Come2443d ago

Still, it reinstates that Capcom are finally beginning to listen to their community. True Zombies are back, Chris and Leon are back, Walking whilst shooting has been added. It's a tremendous start for Resident Evil 6, and I'm sure there's still much more to be revealed at E3 2012.

-MD-2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Capcom listening to the community? Zombies that use weapons aren't "true zombies". All the fans want the series to go back to what it was before 4 and 5.

This is now 100% an action game.

Kingdom Come2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Funny, because I recall Resident Evil 4 to be a tremendous title that evolved the game and revolutionised survival horror titles and was considered by many as being Game of the Year upon it's release. I'm willing to admit Resident Evil 5 was a step in the incorrect direction, but 6 seems to be a return to wards the direction of 4 exept with a more urban setting.

And what is the problem with Zombie's using weapons? It mixes up the combat and in my opinion if a zombie is capable of identifying living life, they should be able to pick up a hammer and recognise it as a beneficial object for combat. Now if they where using AK47's accurately, I would complain, but flailing around a hammer requires an equal thought process of lunging, hitting and biting their target. Look at the undead cops in Dead Rising, they have a gun, they shoot it aimlessly, rarely hitting you, no one complains, I think it adds a degree of humanity to the undead, seeing them slightly recall the life they once had and makes it more regrettable killing them...

And if you consider the game to be "100% action", I would consider your opinion to be greatly exaggerated...

BugsBunny2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Have to agree with -MD- here...sorry Kingdom Come but Capcom have not listened to us, they're just doing the things which will attact the COD crowd,

I mean Zombies using weapons....come on, that was one of the things criticized about RE4/5 but then again there was a good reason for it though since the Plagas controls the host allowing them to wield guns. Zombies are supposed to be flesh eating "monsters".

I think this is a terriable start to RE6 and knowing Capcom things are going to get worse

PopRocks3592442d ago

Actually you can strafe and shoot with any play style. Using the circle pad or the gyro controls lets you strafe and aim at the same time.

chadachada1232442d ago

As long as there is plenty of horror, I'll be set.

I really hope that, at least SOME of the time, you'll have to think about where your ammo should go and whether you shoot fight or flight. That rose the tension so much in games before RE4. Don't get me wrong, RE4 was incredible (in my top 5 favorite games of all time), but I feel like most people want a combination of RE4 with previous Resident Evils, not RE5 with a few previous RE elements.