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ritsuka6662496d ago

I know Resident Evil 6 is going to suck..

I’m not sold yet. I thought the Resident Evil 6 trailers looked like action crap, too and in the end I was just disappointed.

Rayko2496d ago

agree to the max with what you just said. In the beginning I loved the trailer and screamed with joy that horror seems to be back, but then Chris came and destroyed all my joy with its millitary-tactic crap.

Kingdom Come2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Stating you KNOW a game is going to suck based upon an individual trailer is a pathetically premature judgement and it kinda tells me that you aren't a true gamer if you are willing to make such statement so early in it's media distribution cycle. I believe people will be capable of shaping a true opinion of the title around the time of this years E3, when, most likely, the next stage of the games unveiling will begin...

Yodagamer2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I'm impressed by the it, if it is anything like the 3ds version i'll be very happy with re6

Kingdom Come2496d ago

Capcom have lost a great deal of respect from the gaming community over the past few years, but this year they seem to be heading in the correct direction, they're listening to fans requests, they're acting on those requests, Resident Evil 6 could be fantastic...