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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review (PS3) - Gameolio.com

Gameolio.com: "Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Square-Enix second attempt to create a direct sequel to its flagship numbered series. The last offering was way back during the PS2 era for Final Fantasy X. While X-2 seems to be cashing in from an extremely successful, even iconic game, XIII-2 was a sequel to a game that was harshly criticised by loyal Final Fantasy fans. XIII’s linear play-style, non-rewarding challenges, flat characters and lacking-of-depth (or to some, over-complicated but badly told) story were anything but what loyal Final Fantasy fans had anticipated. Also on the back of Final Fantasy XIV’s failure, XIII-2 has big expectations to fill or it could be an exodus of support for this franchise for good. So how did the game shape up?" (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3) 8.5/10

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