Mass Effect 3 PC won't have Gamepad support

GB : Mass Effect 3 PC version won't have Gamepad support.

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Nate-Dog2470d ago

Wow I wonder why? Not going to be the most popular move from Bioware.

Hisiru2470d ago

Oh shi*. This again? Well, it looks like I will have to use xpadder...

FrightfulActions2470d ago

I can't say I'm surprised, the first two games didn't support it either. BioWare: Forcing us to use Xpadder/Joy2Key. It'd be so much easier if they'd just add it compatible instead of us having to tweak things around outselves. Or rely on a fan to release a mod to allow it.

chanmasta2470d ago

Better to have the option of using a gamepad than not. I mean what's the point? It's just an unnecessary limitation.

fluffydelusions2470d ago

This company confuses me. They can pump 100's of millions into a PC only title (SWTOR) but something simple like gamepad support in a huge title is out of the question.

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The story is too old to be commented.