Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend on Steam

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer will be free to play this weekend on Steam.

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LightofDarkness2256d ago

Is that desperation I smell? :p

AdmiralSnake2256d ago

No, just expanding the game to people who may not have been interested in playing the game at launch...

lorianguy2256d ago

I paid for the game and don't play it.

I'm sorry, but when it comes to quality, I'd rather go for an older CoD game or another series altogether.

tachy0n2255d ago

can i have it? looool

man, call of duty 1 FTW!!

lorianguy2255d ago

I'd give it to you but I also got an ELITE subscription from a colleague for Christmas and it's already redeemed :(

banana4202256d ago

they should do stuff like this on consoles.

Asgaro2255d ago

They don't need to.
You console guys who buy the game if it's 80 euros lol.

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