Console XP: Starhawk beta impressions

Zhill Olonan writes: "Back in 2007, I was an avid Warhawk player. I loved the strategic, team-oriented, third person action element to the game. It was less about twitch skills and more about communication and planning. And while that type of gameplay didn’t appeal to everyone, I adored it. Even to this day, an active community still keeps the game alive and kicking.
Starhawk is the successor to Warhawk. And while the core gameplay is still intact, small tweaks and additions give Starhawk a unique, decidedly different feel. For example, you can now zoom in and aim, which changes things quite a bit. If you are used to the circle strafing technique in Warhawk, prepare to switch up your strategy. This and many more additions have a positive effect on Starhawk, making it feel like the next step in the series rather than just Warhawk in space."

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Major_Nailson2415d ago

so disappointed with the beta, seriously. It seems they didn't improve the engine at all. In some areas, Warhawk looked better (lighting & rich colors). Why does Starhawk try to be Halo Reach?

Emilio_Estevez2415d ago

Couldn't disagree more, it's like the author said at the end; 'So if you aren’t feeling the game at first, give it another couple of matches. And if you still aren’t impressed, play with friends. It makes Starhawk all the more enjoyable.' - It's a beta and things will be changed, so you can say things here, or be constructive and deliver the message to the devs and hopefully they will use your input.

Major_Nailson2415d ago

but they've had 4 years to improve the franchise. that's more than enough time.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2415d ago

I'm with you on this one. Warhawk was a good alternative from all the fps that were/still are over saturating the market as a 3rd person shooter. It was my alternative to socom. I just can't get into this game. It changed so much in my opinion of what was awesome about Warhawk. If I wanted to play with transformers I would buy a transformers game. At least they tried to innovate rather than copy cod which every other franchise seems determined to do. Guess I will wait for Warhawk 2.

BitbyDeath2414d ago

I'll pick this up but damn i wish they made Warhawk 2 instead.

plumber152414d ago

Really Iam totally oposite, I hated warhawk but love the beta for starhawk , building stuff in the middle of battle is unique to me . I bought warhawk just for the headset but hated the game . I can't remember if you could build stuff in that game I never got into it to know ,can some one let me know if you acn build stuff in warhawk because I might have missed a gem just because I didn't put enough time into the game .

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2414d ago

No building just a wide open huge world game with lots of variables and delicated servers :). Lots of fun playing it. . I didn't spend much time in the planes as I got my ass handed to me in them. The ground battles were great. I just can't get into the star hawk building concept and transformer feel to it. Not my cup of tea, but i hope they do as good a job supporting it as they did Warhawk for all those who enjoy this title. Might pick it up down the road.

BitbyDeath2414d ago

You couldn't build in Warhawk.