Upcoming Mass Effect 3 Trailer Rocks

PushStartSelect: "You should know by now that a Mass Effect 3 trailer is coming out on Sunday during the new episode of The Walking Dead, well I have seen it. The demo is already out and I’m currently on my first play through of it, and I got what I expected. Absolutely awesomeness! However earlier today I got to view an early version of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 trailer that is coming out on Sunday. You can check out the teaser to it below."

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DA_SHREDDER2465d ago

color me not impressed. I'm sorry but Mass Effect 1 was so freakin awesome, tried to like part 2 but just couldn't get into it, Boring! Now this trailer looks cool, but having alot of ME background I know the game is gonna be nothing like the trailer, I guess CG is good enough for people, but as for the game, is static, and if I'm correct, still no blind fire. Bioware used to be a credible company, now they are as over hyped as bungie was.

Captain Qwark 92465d ago

i was in the same boat as you. ME1 was amazing, i beat it 5 times. ME2 came out and while decent, was far far far from being as good as ME1. i only beat it one time and seen no reason for another play through. with that in mind i was skeptical about ME3, having played the demo though i can say it seems just as awesome as the first, i was very pleased.

of course where we differentiate is in what it was missing. i couldnt care less about blind fire, i missed the rpg elements myself, as well as the difficulty, biotics, tactics, and squad work required. in ME2 i literally just shot my way through everything with no situation requiring anything different. it was like i was playing gears or uncharted.

in the demo though i had to use all of those things and the gameplay was as tight as ever. the cover system could be a bit more responsive though but other than that, excellent job. seems like this will be their redemption after DA2 and ME2.

Soldierone2465d ago

I have to disagree and being bioware i'm a bit disappointed. I mean looking at the visuals, environments, models, everything is so amazing then the gameplay itself feels generic.

You are constantly aiming, can't blind fire, the running feels and looks clunky, and overall I don't see why they can't step this game up. They are tremendous in every single other area but the gameplay, and I don't understand it.

What would be awesome is if Bioware did the visuals and another studio did the gameplay, you could easily have the best game ever created period.

Captain Qwark 92465d ago


id have to disagree. blind fire is not really a game breaker. i have never used it personally in any other game ive played that has it, i find it a waste of time and ammo.

running does feel and look clunky, ill give you that. cover system is meh too. im not sure why every dev feels gears has the model cover system when rainbow six vegas had a cover system 10x better.

beyond those the gameplay is excellent and far from generic. you have 4 types of guns available at any given time, biotic powers, cover system, squad gameplay where you can actually issue orders and use their powers. for me3 toss in customizable guns, ammo, and new armor options and its everything but generic.

also do note, play it on insanity and it will force you to make use pf every single option in battle, very sweet.

Forza_is_King2465d ago

Mass effect was there better of the first 2 but me2 was in no means boring. It's still an awesome fame apart of one of the best new franchises of this gen. As for bungie, say what u want but bungie is one of the best developers out there and have created the most popular franchise of the last 2 generations.

Bungie, halo halo franchise, Bioware, Mass Effect franchise......all some of the best and greatest developers and franchises gaming as ever seen.

To many in a particular group the plague this site hate hearing the truth.

Soldierone2465d ago

Personally need to see what this new game Bungie is making comes out to be before I call them one of the best. Any company could ride high on a single franchise, but it takes a lot to create several.

This next one is multiplatform which means MS won't be standing on it, which means it will be harder for it to be popular.